Howard United Methodist Church
Open Doors, Open Hearts, Open Minds


Howard United Methodist Church seeks to create a Community of Difference* welcoming of all, assisting those in need, and empowering its people. As a community of difference, we are committed to modeling a philosophy of open doors, open hearts, and open minds.

Open Doors, welcoming of all:  We celebrate every person's uniqueness as a gift from God.

Open Hearts, assisting those in need:  We provide our resources to help others regardless of their history or circumstances.

Open Minds, empowering its people:   We provide a climate that allows our community to discover God's provision of a life full of mercy, love, and peace.

144 West Main Street, P.O. Box 257

Howard, PA 16841

Craig Q. Rose, Pastor

Office: 814-625-2362



*A community of difference strives to keep the vision of the church at its center and is committed to modeling a philosopy of open doors, open hearts, and open minds.

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